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      Darren Farrell

      Absolutely nothing wrong with having a low fat cereal as your post workout if it doesn’t have any negative impact on your digestion. In my opinion best implemented when carbs are high as it’s easy to get in. If carbs are low I’d suggest opting for a more satiating source like rice, potato etc…
      For those that preach basic is the only way… well the numbers don’t lie..
      Today I had 150g carbs from frosties postworkout having already consumed 60g insta carbs also and 1 hour later my blood glucose reading was 102mg/dl which is well within range.
      Use and educated approach to nutrition not old school ways ????????

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      Can you substitute the cereal for sweets like Haribo etc? Not digging the whey as milk substitute in me chocopops tbh, eating them dry and drinking the shake…

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